I am part of a generation that played video-games when owning a VCR with Long Play capability made you the coolest kid on the block. Those simpler times  enjoyed what was once a staple of video-gaming (and a modern rarity with the growth of the Internet) – couch/local split-screen co-op.

My expectations from the EA conference were not so high. I figured the usual sports games would make the rounds, NFS (Need For Speed) would get some sort of re-skin and Star Wars would wookie us with classic character additions while remaining more or less the same. Boy was I wrong (well, more or less :p).

I caught the presentation a minute or so after it started but I was curious to see what Hazelight had in store for us. The last thing I expected is everything A Way Out is. Writer and Director, Josef Fares, heaped praise on the game and I was silently watching. And then he mentioned that A Way Out is a split-screen co-op only game (local and online). That’s when I screamed like a girl.

“Look into my split-screen eyes, you local couch potato!”

What really caught my attention was the apparent clever use of narrative scenarios to present gamers with unique interactive experiences. There is a strong emphasis on this experience being richer when played locally with a friend.

We’re very proud to present our current project, a co-op game like you’ve never seen before! In A Way Out, you and a friend will play as Vincent and Leo as you break out of prison together and into the world beyond the walls. Play a huge variety of gameplay scenarios and experience emotional moments together. A Way Out can be played with a friend online but is best experienced together on a couch.

The game is scheduled for a 2018 release and so far, it has my attention. I am definitely looking forward to playing this with my friends.

There is some irony to all this. When it was hinted that Star Wars Battlefront II will have an offline, single player story-mode, I jumped for joy!